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My Love Affair With Words

Have you ever sat down to clean out a drawer and been captivated by what you rediscovered in it? I have. I found an old poetry anthology that I created when I was in Grade 9. As I re-read what was significant to me back then, I found several threads that still hold true today. The intricacies of the created world still intrigue. The musical rhythm of words fascinate. Imagery and comparison draw me in. The inner world of people's feelings is still a mystery that begs unraveling.

The majesty of your creation O Lord

Draws me to lay my life at your feet

The sound of rushing waters O Lord

Reminds me of your cleansing grace

The pine trees standing tall O Lord

Points me to the heavens where You dwell

Delicate butterfly wings that flutter O Lord

Invites me to marvel at all You have made

More than anything, I love the words found in my Bible. These words have been a source of strength and hope for over forty-five years. I love the laments of the psalmists. I love the stories of people's lives found in the Bible. I love the hearts of the prophets I discover there. I love the encouragement and practicality of the epistles. I delight in the humour and miracles of the Gospels. But the best thing of all as I read through it year after year is that it is life-giving and opens my eyes to discover more of who this amazing God is. These words have shaped and molded me and sustained me through many circumstances. They continuously reimage my mind and my heart, allowing me to see things from a different perspective.

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