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Awaken and Arise!

Safe. Secure.

Enveloped in a cocoon.

Stirring. Stretching.

Awakened into purpose.

No longer can we enjoy the pampered life of ease. No longer can we revel in our routine. No longer can we ignore the tug on our hearts. No longer can we satisfy ourselves alone. No longer can we escape the call to enter the throne room.

Esther did not have an easy life. She grew up under the tutelage of a bachelor. She was abducted into the king’s harem and immersed in a foreign culture. She experienced all the luxuries a girl could want and she found favour with the king and experienced the power of a scepter. Yet Mordecai would not let her forget her purpose: God Almighty has placed you here for such a time as this.

Perhaps you are like Esther and your journey to date has been fraught with pain, abandonment, loss and heartache. You finally got to a place where you feel secure and safe. It’s comfortable. It does not demand much. The rut of your life feels like a well-used slipper.

Will you arise? Will you call the women around you to pray? Will you ask them to fast with you as you answer the call to boldness? Will you allow the exhortation of a man to encourage you and bolster your courage? Will you step into your role as the Bride? Will you step into the throne room with confidence? Will you use all the wisdom that God gives to create a strategy to expose the enemy?

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