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Discover Legacy Reimaged

Have you ever wished you could reimage your life?   I don’t mean the daydreams or fantasies we weave in order to cope with the story we never imagined we’d live.  I mean a complete new hard drive  reads the story you live in a new way.

Legacy Reimaged was born out of a desire to communicate hope that cycles can be broken.  You are not doomed to live out the legacy you were handed when you entered Planet Earth.  Circumstances over which you have no control do not have to dictate a predictable response.   Discover uplifting words that encourage you in your journey.

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Transformation Begins with a New Point of View

Tamara Wanner once thought her legacy would end with her but the Creator had a far different idea. She won Bill’s wedding band two years before they met. They waited nine years to be parents. She often wondered why their story didn’t sound like the books she’s read. Her writing signals her desire to walk alongside those who want to reimage their legacy by pointing them back to the One who created them. Bill's photos celebrate the intelligent design inherent in the Creator's creation.


Box 1857 Moose Jaw SK S6H 7N6

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