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His Holy Invitation

His Holy Invitation

Last night after worship practice, I had these words traipse through my mind—there is an invitation to yield. There is an invitation to yield to the Holy Spirit.

It is an opportunity to say yes to his wooing, to his invitation to allow the Lord Jesus to reign in areas not yet under his rule. It is an invitation to holiness and to experience the loveliness of communion with Him. It is a holy invitation to enjoy a feast in His presence in the midst of all the chaos going around you and inside of you. He is asking you to yield to His leading, His baptism of fire, his empowerment.

Just as the disciples waited for the coming of the Holy Spirit, God is asking us to yield or wait for Him to empower us to share the gospel with those around us. All of us are carriers of the gospel of peace, his authority to heal and deliver and we are called to make disciples of all nations. Will we yield to His holy invitation? Will we wait until all vestiges of our own resources have been used up or will we surrender our resources and allow Him to empower us fully?

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