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Harvest Means Death

"I tell you the truth, unless a kernel of wheat falls on the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed. but if it dies, it produces many seeds." (John 12:24 NIV)

My husband, Bill, has spent many hours with a tractor and air seeder this spring, planting thousands of seeds. He planted wheat and durum at 1.5 bushels per acre, which means he planted one million three hundred fifty thousand seeds per acre. Most fields get planted as quarter or half sections -160 acres or 320 acres in size. So, he'd plant two hundred sixteen million seeds for a quarter section and four billion three hundred twenty million for a half section. Now, if it rains at the right time and gets the perfect temperatures, it is possible for each acre to yield 50 or more bushels to the acre. If you do the math, you get seven trillion two hundred billion seeds for 160 acres or fourteen trillion, four hundred billion seeds for a half section.

I didn't share that because I love math; I don't. I wanted us to grasp what Paul is talking about in I Corinthians 3. He planted seeds, Apollo watered, but the central focus is that God makes each seed multiply and grow. Each time we die to our own agendas to reach out to someone, we plant a seed. Each time we turn from our distracted lives to obey the Holy Spirit, a seed gets planted. My husband was on his way to Regina to help with loading and dismantling a set for our daughter's musical theatre production. He obeyed a nudge to pick up a hitch hiker. The hitch hiker asked why Bill picked him up. Bill shared that he was a Christian and was just being obedient to the Holy Spirit. The hitch hiker shared Bill was the second Christian who'd picked him up that day. Bill shared his faith journey with this young man and challenged him to consider how he should respond to God's pursuit of him. Pray that God will continue to water those seeds in this young man's life. When we share the gospel, when we encourage, when we invite people to church, when we give food, when we serve, we plant seeds. The harvest awaits.

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