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Bridging the Gap

Phil Wickham wrote a song that describes the living hope we have in the One who died and rose again. Lately, I've been marvelling at the great chasm between us and the holiness of God. The distance He closed in order to once again engage us in relationship is unfathomable. Tears well up over the Creator's generous grace towards me. Who am I that He'd choose crucifixion to say:

'Come to me, you don't have to strive to work harder to be perfect.

I've done it all. Just say 'yes'. Acknowledge your weakness, your

inability to live a holy, righteous life. Declare Me to be the Truth,

your only Truth. Declare me as the Life, your only Life. Declare me

as the Way, the only way to intimacy with My Father in heaven.'

As you move into the Easter weekend, my hope and prayer for you is you re-discover the great distance Jesus went to bridge the gap between you and Himself.

Enjoy the song!

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