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Anyone Need a Hand to Hold?

Storied Hands

By Tamara Wanner

Hands outstretched

Hope bereft

Face down on the floor

Gentle touch

Burden lifted

Face down on the floor

Hands clenched

Anger rages

Face mashed against the door

Gentle answer

Soothing fear

Face turned towards Creator

Hands uplifted

Hope restored

Face up towards Creator

Gentle words

Despair gone

Face up towards Creator

One of my favorite phrases God poses when His people feel hopeless is found in Isaiah 59:1. It says:

'Truly, the Lord's hand has not become short,

so that he is unable to give salvation;

and his ear is not shut from hearing.'

Let's take hold of it and lean on Him rather than striving in our own strength. When we have faith like Abraham, we lean our entire selves on Jesus, trusting Him to carry us through whatever it is we are facing.

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